Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How To remedy Scars Of Any Type – Using Vitamin E Oil/Lotion, Onion Extract, Silicone And Alpha Hydroxy Acids For Absolutely Getting rid of Your Scars

It's really impossible to entirely remove a scar, but a few treatments might help make your scars less noticeable. Listed below are some proven to work tips and tricks on how to do away with scars of any type. Be it acne, pimples, burn scars or whatever scars you are having on you!

1- Apply vitamin E oil/lotion several times daily and keep the scar tissue out of the sunlight.

2- Onion Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and seems to inhibit the over-production of collagen in a scar. Onion extract is available in the United States as a gel by itself, but is also an ingredient in Mederma gel, a widely used scar treatment that you referred to in your question. Onion extract, by itself or as part of another course of treatment, requires consistent use over several months to be able to produce any effect.

3- Silicone, available either as a gel or in rubber-like sheets, has been found to lighten and flatten scars. You apply the gel directly to the scar or use medical tape to cover the scar with the silicone sheet. It's not known exactly how silicone helps scars heal — some researchers think that static electricity from the silicone helps align collagen fibers in the scar, while others think it might help trap moisture, that may help make scars fade.

4- Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural fruit acids that are used to exfoliate (remove) dead skin cells. This process can improve the looks of acne scars and reduce redness, along with wrinkles and signs of aging. If you choose to use alpha hydroxy, investigate the various strengths and use the mildest. For those with sensitive skin, alpha hydroxy can cause irritation, stinging, and other problems. A health care provider or dermatologist can advise you on which types and concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids you may try.

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