Sunday, January 23, 2011

How Do You Eliminate Scars On Your Stomach From Having An Appendix Removed?

I’m still young and I don't want to have some scars on my stomach for the rest of my life. There are only 3 tiny scars but I don't want them there. Can you please tell me, or give me some few tips and tricks on how can you do away with scars on your stomach from having an appendix removed? Or a good product that I could buy from the store?

As you could already know, many people have scars on various part of the body, and they would want to reduce them. The “how can you do away with scars on your stomach question” is not as popular as the “how to do away with acne scars” question is, but as you see from the question above, there's lots of people in the world today who want to remedy any scar on their skin, including their stomach.

Getting rid of scars always depends on the person on whom the scar is on. you could try Vitamin E lotion or you could try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stick. Before they had laparoscopic surgery for that, people routinely had 4-5 inch scars. If you really want the scar tissue to disappear, you may probably have a plastic surgeon do it.

you could also visit a dermatologist, and ask for Klaron cream for in the mornings and Differin cream at night. And then there is this face wash cloth i use at night called Plexion. Or something like that and it takes away scars. But if you can't go to the dermatologist, then there is this face wash you may get at wal-mart or ne where Wutever it’s called Cetaphil. It’s not that expensive and it works just fine and it doesn’t dry out your skin or anything like that. All off this as worked for me and I never break out anymore

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