Friday, January 28, 2011

A Cheap Way To treat Scars From Pimples - Not expensive But Effective Ways You Can Use To Naturally Get rid of Your Pimple Scars

I use to have pimples all over my face. I would always pop them and now, i use proactive. I don't have the zits but i still have the scars from the ones i use to pop all over my forehead. how can i eradicate those scars cheaply? Besides facial scrub; I use proactive for a while and it hasn't worked for me. So my question is: What’s a cheap way to cure scars from pimples?

If you have some scars that you want to get rid of, just like the question above suggests, then here are some few, easy cheap but effective ways you can use to naturally eradicate your pimple scars. In fact you may use these tips to get rid of just whatever type of scars you could be having on your body.

For the actual skin indentations, I've had some success with mederma, but it takes a very long time (for older scars, around 6 months) for the discolorations, I have had great results with either shisheido white lucent or clinique even better. If these are too expensive, I’m not sure if they still sell it but the acne free scar fade and erase set worked well for me too. The mederma could be found at most drugstores pretty cheap, shisheido or clinique is at sephora, macy's, etc. acne free i got at drugstores for 20$/set.

Maderma works great for acne scars. I broke our really bad from a med that i was on. But i don’t usually have skin problems and it left scars. I put mederma on them every night for a few months and you may’t see them at all anymore. They say exfoliating helps too. Dermabrasion if they are really bad. you may also try Vitamin E oil or cream. it is supposed to naturally reduce the looks of scars.

there are many more cheap and effective ways you can use to naturally do away with your pimple scars and you may find them from the guide below:

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