Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Can I Eradicate Scars Left By Chicken Pox On My Legs?

Well, I had this bad chicken pox a very long time ago. All the scars disappeared but the ones on my legs are still there and really ugly to look at. Now i can not wear shorts or miniskirts because the spots are so noticeable and big. The weird thing is that the spots are only on my legs and nowhere else. So how can I get rid of scars left by chicken pox on my legs?

Should you have ever had chicken pox you'll know that it leaves behind really ugly and nasty scars. Well some of these scars usually fade always on their own, while some of them don’t. Like in the case above where the scars on the legs just did not fade, even after all the other chicken pox scars had faded out.

Very similar incident I also faced after suffering from chicken pox. Allow me to share some few tips and tricks you could use in trying to cure the chickenpox scars on your legs.

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