Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Do I Get Rid Of Scars From Flea Bites? – Tips and tricks And Tricks For Curing Flea Bite Scars, And Acne Scars

Ok, so i went to stay at my aunt's house, which regrettably had fleas in the carpet. I got a lot of bites on my arm pits and they left quite a few dark scars. I've had the bites for about 5 weeks. Is there anything i can put on them that can reduce the scars fast? I actually don't want to have these scars for homecoming. Please Help.

This is a question that was asked to us on curing flea bite scars. In this article I will try to give an answer to it, and also give you some few tips and tricks for treating any form of scars you might be having on your body.

If you have these scars, you could try rubbing different skin creams on it as you will read in this article. However, if they don’t go away, then you ought see your doctor, he/she might give you something better which will eliminate your flea bites scars. If not you just have to let them go away on their own, over time. I did, and mine went within a few months.

you may also use vitamin e oil on them. When you noticed your scars, did you put antibiotics on them? I have also noticed that facial peels work pretty well. So do normal department store creams. If you are looking for something that you know for sure will work and is right for you skin type visit a dermatologist.

you could also use something called Black & White cream. It’s a bleaching cream that gets rid of discolored skin. It only works for and changes the dark spots

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