Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Is Best For Curing Acne Scars, Coco Butter, Aloe Vera Or Vitamin E? - The very best Way To Take away Acne Scars And Back Scars

what's best for treating acne scars, Coco butter, aloe Vera or vitamin-e? And which brand is the best? Or if there is anything else you could recommend, I’m open for suggestions. I have some scaring on my face but the majority of it's on my back, and is quiet unsightly.

This is a popular question asked by so many people since almost everyone has some sort of scaring. I suffered with scarring on my face and back too when I had acne. I found vitamin E cream worked best for me because it wasn't very oily and didn't cause my acne to flair up again.

It worked brilliantly. If you want to use this, just make sure it is good quality and not too thick. Nonetheless, if you are now totally acne free, a product called bio-oil is just as good. I also used this and it was good against the scars but because it was an oily product it only irritated my acne and i got even more spots, defying the purpose.

Try cocoa butter, Neosporin and vitamin E liquid tablets break them open and spread on scar. Exfoliate the area is your best weapon. But you should seriously consider using benzol peroxide products to cure acne. Some of the best products they have are available without a prescription like Clearasil. Remember that scar treatments have to be used every single day for months before it begins to work. what is best for treating acne scars

Apple cider vinegar has worked well for my red post-acne marks too. I just diluted some apple cider vinegar with a little water and apply it as a toner every night. I've noticed major fading of the marks and I've been doing this for about a month.

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