Monday, February 14, 2011

Best DIY Way To Fade An Acne Scar - Some Few And Effective Ways You Can Use In Treating Your Acne Scars

I read that honey or olive oil helps in treating acne scars, if you rub it on the skin but are there any other ways that I can help my acne and this one scar I've on my cheek? I really don’t want to have the scar there, so any good DIY way to cure an acne scar would be highly appreciated

Should you have some scars that you want to get rid of, then the next few paragraphs will help you out. Best DIY Way To Fade An Acne Scar Here are some few and effective ways you may use in treating your acne scars, or any other type of scars you might have on your body.

Below are some natural ways you can try at home. But these methods may not be as effective as those used by your dermatologists.

1. Lemon juice

This is a common natural method to remove acne scars. Apply lemon juice directly onto the scars. Leave it for a while and gently wash it away with water. This will lighten the scars.

2. Massage olive oil onto the scars. This will moisturize the skin so that it is soften and become harder to see the scars.

3. Drink lot of water

4- Laser treatment; As of now, this one of the best scar treatments you could get out there, but just as any other good thing in life, it's very expensive. But if you can afford it, then you ought try out laser treatment. However I would suggest that you exploit all the natural scar treatment methods first and if they don’t work for, only then can you result in laser treatments.

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