Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Tips On How To Study More Effectively

Concepts First

What is the Idea that you are trying to learn about. It sounds elementary, but most people will start to memorize minute details without ever grasping the concepts in which the details are important. If you can understand and keep at the forefront of your studies the purpose for you studies it will keep you from straying off into endless minute that have little to no bearing on your goals, it will literally be the map that steers your studies and gets you to your destination of 'knowledgeville' faster!

Group Concepts

As you progress into concepts and mapping these concepts internally you will start to see patterns in concepts that overlap, you can then stop worrying about the many different concepts and relax with the realization that you are now the master of many by being the master of one. To stay with the mapping concept, once you know how to get to a place, you can reference that place as a way of understanding the location of a new place.
Study From Experience

This technique will allow you to study without studying. All you need is an overall understanding of the concepts you have already mapped and you will be able to infer a lot from your experiences. For example if you know where Green Bay is and you know where Chicago is, then if you were told that Milwaukee is in between the two on Hwy 41, you would have no problem finding it. This is true of learning as well.

Knowing vs Learning

If you know the muscular system, and you know the brain, you should have no problem linking the two with the nervous system. Why would you memorize each nerve on its own when you can just relate it to muscles and brain areas you already know and strengthen the conceptual maps you have in place instead of memorizing a whole new map. This example would be like having separate maps for hwy's, county roads, city roads, etc...
Start Now

Not in school, no tests coming up, so what! You learn everyday, why not pile these experiences into something meaningful you can utilize to better yourself, just remember to think about the big picture and everything else falls into place.

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