Friday, February 4, 2011

Treating And Preventing Ongoing Blemishes, Stretch Marks, Burns And Pimple Scars

Treating and preventing ongoing blemishes, acne scars or any other type of scaring will probably require some assistance from your dermatologist, according to the severity. Nonetheless, listed here are some few treatment options which have worked for me.

Retin-A is a good short-term solution for refining skin and making it appear smoother; unless the scars are really severe. Nevertheless, you may only use that for a limited amount of time, and this can also cause a great deal of potential irritation to your skin.

Microdermabrasion is also a good choice for mild scarring, but can be really expensive and requires on-going, monthly treatments to be really effective. (Locally, those are $90 per treatment, so one or two treatments every 30 days really begins to add up!)

There's something relatively new called IPL (I think that stands for Intense Pulse Light...or Laser, not sure which). I understand which is an extremely effective treatment, but it can be painful, cause bruising and swelling that may be difficult to hide (should you have to work or whatever), and I'm not sure what all it treats. But I know re-texturing and reducing redness (as with rosacea) are some of the conditions it's supposed to improve. Related Articles: Treating And Preventing Acne Stretch Marks, Burns And Pimple Scars

Chemical peels may be an option, but again, you need to see your doctor on this. Together you may figure out which is the best alternative for you.

Also, for treating and preventing ongoing blemishes, acne scars one of the best skin care lines I have found is Murad. They have kits for acne, sensitive skin, aging skin, reducing redness. So much more than I ever realized from their infomercials. I currently use a combination of the redness kit with the acne kit. And I'm getting some pretty ok results.

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