Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get rid of Scars Organically - How to Get Rid of Scars Using Urine

Eradicate Scars Organically - Ways to Treat Scars Using Urine

Who knew that our own urine is usually a potent agent to help eradicate scars naturally? Some folks might be grossed out by the idea of even touching their own urine, what more if they will apply it on areas where there are scars like legs, neck, and even on the face? It might sound really disgusting but its a scientific fact that our urine is germ-very cheap and is safe to take either internally or externally.

Urine is basically composed of water, salts, minerals, vitamins and antibodies that our body doesn’t need at the time of the urination process in the kidney is taking place. This is our bodies’ way to ensure that the chemicals in our blood are balanced. Not unless you are sick, urine could be treated as a natural toner to help remove scars naturally since it has skin-friendly substances to help diminish scars.

To begin the process of urine therapy to eliminate scars organically, all you have to do is wet a clean piece of cotton with your first morning’s urine and massage it gently but thoroughly on the affected areas. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and then rinse off the area with warm water. Do this every day until the scar has smoothen out and you have achieved the desirable results. Do not hesitate to apply this on the face since it’s very effective with acne spots as well.

Nature really has its own ways on giving back to individuals. Before we only consider urine as a waste that we should flush out of the urinal, but now we discovered that it can help us in the least way we could expect it. Why would we spend lots money buying over the counter medicines when the answer to our trouble is within us, waiting to come out, literally?

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